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Flavio Scalzo on “ID Interior Design”

More and more space in magazines are devoted to designer FLAVIO scalvo (Studio DiciannoveDieciDesign) and increasingly in evidence is the collaboration with PROJECT DESIGN.
In fact, the products made in this collaboration are considered increasingly ART and not only items of furniture.



Name: The thermo “S” Flavio Scalzo – The Sign Studio DiciannoveDieciDesign by Project What is it? A device radiant hung like a work of art. It is called thermo “S” and combines functional beauty and aesthetic warmth. Where: Pavilion Satellite – Rho Fair When: From the April 14



An appointment with the Saloni particularly expected, to the Rho, is the one with the Salone Satellite, designed sixteen years ago by Marva Griffin. Year after year has brought to the fore some of the best names in contemporary design. Allowed designers under-35, for a maximum of three times before the fateful age threshold. The candidates are selected by an international jury, different each time, which includes entrepreneurs, journalists and industry professionals. Just like all other exhibitors at the fair, young designers rent to pay a booth inside the Pavilions 22 and 24 with dedicated input and available free to the public for the duration of the event (April 9 to 14). The theme of this 16th edition reads: “Design and crafts together for the industry.” Explains Griffin, the curator: “I wanted to focus on the integration between traditional craftsmanship and modern performance possibilities they offer technology and industrial organization. In manual design experience, knowledge of materials is critical to the design and the development of industrial products. This is why I wanted to recreate four botteghededicate respectively to metal, wood, entrusted to two artisans of Canterbury – but still I’ll let the name – and the glass. For the latter, I invited Massimo Lunardon of Vicenza. In the past he also participated in the Satellite, and now creates prototypes for the most important Italian companies. Will take care of every day of the workshop public demonstration. Of course I could not even consider the digital craftsmanship, calling for this fourth ‘shop’ the collective Arduino Turin. Will also run through the city with a camper equipped “. Another highlight is the award ceremony, scheduled Wednesday, April 10 at 15.00, for the Salone Satellite Award. The award now in its fourth edition will reward the best projects among those registered by the participants in the Satellite, and visible in a display in a special space inside the halls. We’ll be there to tell you about it. Also this year there are about seven hundred designers – some you present them with photos of their projects. They come from 33 countries, including 17 new graduates of schools and universities design. Among these 10 to their first participation. From Italy: the Italian Academy Art Fashion and Design in Florence and Rome, the Second University of Naples and the University of Enna “Kore”. Other new entries: Brazil (Universidade de Caxias do Sul), China (Beijing University of Technology – College of Art and Design), Estonia (Tallinn University of Technology), Finland (Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences), Germany (Burg Giebichenstein ), Puertorico (Escuela Internacional de Diseno – Universidad del Turabo) and Taiwan (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology). Among the various national groups that have confirmed their presence, as the designers dell’associazioneWBDM (Wallonie-Bruxelles Design / Mode) and Melbourne Movement (collective founded in 1999 by Kjell Grant, designer and lecturer at RMIT University) and Chile-ProChile (governmental association for the promotion of Chile abroad) Malaysia is present with greater representation of young talent. As usual, will land in Milan, as guests, also the three winners of SaloneSatellite Moscow 2012, awarded in October: Latvians Ligita Brege and Rodion Zenevich and Russian Yaroslav Misonzhnikov.

il bagno

“THERMO S” on “IL BAGNO – oggi e domani” Magazine

There’s long been a Roman school or Lazio – and what civitonico, a few decades ago kingdom tableware, remained the only district where does the sanitary ceramics – whose stories are related to the memory of the older or the two museums and Shower Cerro Laveno, which perpetuate the existence to the younger generations. Flavio Scalzo is a designer who works in Lazio known in Roman schools where teaching plan. From the hands of this young man, who wanted to experiment with ceramics, born a thermo-furniture sinuous that becomes a graphic sign on the wall. Developed by Project The Sign, company that – needless to say – work in Civita Castellana, the radiator is accompanied by the sink sign, so attezzato – as she told Fabio Pasquetti technical director of the company – to signal the formal simplicity and generosity the size. (OGC)


New Thermo “S” Presentation

Man has always been accompanied through his evolution by objects reflecting progress.

While admiring Project the Sign’s production, man seems to have exceeded another limit that technology has imposed on the form.

Even though every instrument has always reminded us or made us guess its function, Project’s heating devices are now totally freed from any technological limits which impose certain forms or dimensions.

A heating device therefore, becomes an environmental decoration to be admired, displayed and enjoyed, just like one would do with a work of art.

Form is no longer limited by substance.

A practical necessity with a technical, functional and aesthetically evolved answer has been resolved.

The possible chromatic variations allow the object to be fitted into any type of environment, while the design, which reminds us of the bends of a river, alludes to the passing fluid that warms the environment as well as the heart.