Project srl was founded in the year 2000.

Before this date, Angelo Pasquetti, the founder, had been both Technical Director and model maker, one of the most successful in Civita Castellana’s sanitary ware district. A history that has been handed down from father to son and that has seen the entire Pasquetti family operating in this sector since post war.

Together with his son Fabio, he has begun a large consulting and model making business, offering services to the most important sanitary ware companies. In no time, they have created a laboratory for prototyping and for the creation of moulds and matrixes as well as for the daily production of plaster moulds for the production of ceramic sanitary ware.

Shortly after, Fabio specialized in the use of numerical controlled machinery, offering further support to companies wanting to present high design series.

To date, Project srl’s business is that of prototyping and creating, collaborating together with affirmed designers, architects and companies that wish to impose their own style and uniqueness by making their strong points the design, the quality and the Italian product.


Ecological Materials and Recoverable

Project the Sign, objects of high functional and innovative design, use of green materials and recoverable.



With our radiators guarantee maximum customization applying colors and textures chosen by you.



We are continually looking for new technologies to keep at the forefront of our products.

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Project the Sign boasts a wide experience in this field and has been operating for many years in the ceramic sector for the production of sanitary ware and bathroom series...



Thanks to the collaboration with expert designers, Project the Sign also offers planning consultancy for the various sectors...



Thanks to its experience in the use of numerical control centres, Project the Sign is able to realize prototypes and finished objects in...


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