There’s long been a Roman school or Lazio – and what civitonico, a few decades ago kingdom tableware, remained the only district where does the sanitary ceramics – whose stories are related to the memory of the older or the two museums and Shower Cerro Laveno, which perpetuate the existence to the younger generations. Flavio Scalzo is a designer who works in Lazio known in Roman schools where teaching plan. From the hands of this young man, who wanted to experiment with ceramics, born a thermo-furniture sinuous that becomes a graphic sign on the wall. Developed by Project The Sign, company that – needless to say – work in Civita Castellana, the radiator is accompanied by the sink sign, so attezzato – as she told Fabio Pasquetti technical director of the company – to signal the formal simplicity and generosity the size. (OGC)