Radiators of high Italian craftsmanship

Completely in ceramic, customizable, unique in the world

Project The Sign


customArt, stArt
I invent nothing, I rediscover. -Auguste Rodin-


customArt, heatArt, stArt
There is no art where there is no style. -Oscar Wilde-


customArt, stArt
Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. -Edgar Degas-


The material of nature has absolutely no shape; but the material of art is a…

Infinitus 90

customArt, heatArt, stArt
To look at a thing is very different from seeing a thing. One does not…

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customArt, heatArt, stArt
“It is cold for we turn our gaze to where there’s no heat” -Alexandra David-Néel-

heated towel rails

Project the Sign proposes artisanal radiators in ceramic for the diffusion of heat and today this heat evolves in unique and unrepeatable furnishing products with the aim of spreading wellness in every room. Original and fine products originate from the creativity of designers, developers, and artists and from the wise craftsmanship of the master ceramic artists who work for Project the Sign. Every new project has a new shape, a different procedure, and a unique product. Power, craftsmanship and technology are all services that Project the Sign is able to offer, and they are able to bring to fine and innovative solutions, for those who want to surround themselves with refined art applied to unique and extraordinary furnishing objects.

There are three lines of customization in graphic and aesthetic form that Project the Sign makes available, they are all appliable to the different forms of product chosen by the Client, to give the heated towel rail a unique sign, apt to every space and with a personalistic interpretation of the will of creating comfortable, original and refined rooms.

stArt” is the line that embodies exclusive coloring, available on catalogue. A wide range of solutions among which the Client is able to choose the one that is more suitable to their own style and taste in the art of furnishing life, work and relax spaces.

The line “customArt” respects the requests and desires of the Client, in fact the graphics by Project the Sign find the best aesthetic solutions to apply all the graphical contents wanted by the Client on every shape of radiators, such as images, decorations, brands, logos, writings, coat of arms, landscapes, art reproductions, unique colours and original graphical combinations. The result is a product that becomes expression of the Client’s aesthetic eye that melts with peculiar furnishing and evolves in distinctive and representative element of the Client’s taste, highlighting itself as a focal point for the space.

Ceramic has always been a fine material that has given life to several works of art and creations during history and culture of the world. The surfaces of radiators in ceramics are the perfect support to work as “canvas” for the artists who can apply their own artistic creativity. It is from here that the line “heatArt” was designed, the art of ceramic heat, where artists can expand their art using these products as a new material to express their gift, the artistic hand, lines and relieves that acquire life in the union between art and heat. These artworks are faced by every artist which is present in the laboratories of Project the Sign and realized in collaboration with master potters, in order to reach fine and signed radiators that become part of the pieces made by each artist, creating a unique and extraordinary art collection. Every heater from the line “heatArt” is produced in unique copy or limited series and represents the full creativity of the artist applied on a furnishing product that becomes work of art.

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