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Fabio Pasquetti

Fabio Pasquetti was born as a professional in his consulting and modelling laboratory. During the time, to come up with the new requests, he specialized in the use of numerical control machines, in order to provide companies a support for design series. To better understand who Fabio Pasquetti is, we can use one word: creative. A creative person, who perfectly understood that ideas were not onlyenough to bring his company to success. Turning the idea into reality has now become his aim. Showing his limits and raising his awareness, he started a journey to a lot of new interests, applying his knowledge to various fields, such as: civil architecture, nautical world, automotive industry. It is his will to be fulfilled, which pushes him to create, treasuring all his experience and capturing every emotion that surrounds him. Every single day he is ready to play his part, putting together craftsmanship with technology. In his life, he learnt how to overcome obstacles showing the world his ceramic heated towel rails, which are so innovative, ambitious and unique, just like him.

Marco Pasquetti was born in Rome in 1974. His profession has always been the one of a ceramic technician. He has been involved since the early years in research and development of ceramic products for the most varied functions. He begins by managing the laboratories of some of the largest ceramic manufacturing companies in the centre of Civita Castellana. From then on, he started his study on ceramic raw materials, starting to work for Euroarce S.r.l., a Spanish company that has many ceramic production sites and extraction of minerals poles. His commitment in the following years will be to create more and more performing products, suitable and specific for various purposes. During his Euroarce experience – that lasted 17 years, holding the roles of laboratory manager, technical assistance manager, manager of research and development and technical manager – he has the possibility to provide technical assistance to the various companies of production of sanitary articles. After that he decided to move to Ceramica Flaminia, where he is currently still a technical manager.

By his hands Thermovit® was designed.

Marco Pasquetti

Giorgio Spitoni

Son of art, he approaches the world of ceramics in the Nineties thanks to his father Franco, a well-known model maker and Master of Art in the related industries of Civita Castellana. The continuous search for innovation, the meticulous and scrupulous artistic workmanship led him around the world to collaborate with the largest leader companies in the sanitary ceramics field, acquiring an enormous quantity of experience that is recognized in every single phase that leads to the realization of a new project, making it unique and personalized, always trying to raise the level of his “Handmade”. His strong leadership ability allows him to always create a cohesive and strong team work in which esteem, harmony and loyalty reign and where motivation is the basis of every single project, thanks to which every element of his team with a good dose of enthusiasm manages to bring out the best of their abilities. Precisely for this reason the presence of his charismatic soul is essential, holding the reins and knowing how to look forward with the right optimism, with a gaze projected towards the future, passing on the precious manual craftsmanship.

Flavio Scalzo founder and designer of the DiciannoveDieciDesign studio deals with the planning and design of new products, develops new ideas and solutions for businesses, transmitting creativity, quality and innovation, transforming traditions, materials and technology into new languages. He designs objects of common use, giving different connotations and multiple uses, keeping the communicative strength intact during time.

Flavio Scalzo



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I invent nothing, I rediscover. -Auguste Rodin-

Lux Verticalis

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The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there. -Ellie…


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Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. -Edgar Degas-