Lux Verticalis

The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there.
-Ellie Rodriguez-


The smooth surface, spacious and composable in rectangular modules apt to any kind of room and refines the design.


A totally customized radiator furnishes and fills the space, shapes and colours give power to our days.


Where heat meets art, the best of quality is expressed, ceramics as a source of light shapes on the tones and colours of our will of living.

Carlo Busetti
Carlo Busetti
Carlo Busetti
Carlo Busetti
Roberto Domiziani

Trilogy of the man in the wind.
Initially from the back as observing his own woman being brought away by the wind, then in the face, (her face has no identity) this time leaves the heart to the wind, until the third image where he gives himself to the wind. Will he reach her?

Artist: Francesco Paolantoni